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Here you can download copies of our publications and press releases.

1) People Can – November 2011

People Can represents the first stage in new thinking from Timebanking UK about what timebanking is actually for. The document examines the relationship between timebanking and co-production, and introduces the thinking beyond timebanking as a tool for building a new social marketplace.

2) No More Throw Away People  - July 2000

 Purchase the seminal work by Edgar ‘Father Time’ Cahn, the founder of time dollars and leading thinker on co-production. In No More Throw-Away People, Cahn introduces the characteristics of time as a medium of exchange, explores co-production both as a framework for thinking about the economy and a set of values, and examines real-life examples of co-production in action.

3) Your Money or Your Life – October 2010

 Martin Simon, the former Chief Executive of Timebanking UK, examines the many ways that people are rebuilding communities in Your Money or Your Life: Time for Both. The book includes a collection of real life stories to show you how to find the time to become a valued member of a thriving local social network, full of new contacts, opportunities and possibilities.

4) Coproduction. Seen it, done it? Think again – September 2010

In this Guardian article, Chief Executive of Timebanking UK dispels a few myths about co-production. Sam suggests we are only just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to co-production, and that it is a far different thing to user-involvment, co-design and collaboration as we traditionally know it.

5) Crunch time – November 2011

Claire Goff catches up with Sam Hopley, the Chief Executive of Timebanking UK, at our annual UK conference, to discuss the future of timebanking and co-production, and Sam’s plans for Timebanking UK. Click here to download.

6) About Time – November 2011

Claire Goff interviews ‘Father Time’ Edgar Cahn, about the life he has dedicated to timebanking, his thoughts on the UK timebanking landscape, and the challenges that lie ahead for a movement that is rapidly gaining momentum. Click here to download.

7) A bridge to tomorrow - 2006

In 2005,Time Banks UK joined forces with Help the Aged to promote time banking across the United Kingdom. The Department of Health funded this new partnership through the ‘Change Up’ Programme to support the development of time banking, the production of this handbook. Authors: David Schermer, Martin Simon. To download click here.


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