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DISCOVER! Timebanking UK national conference

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Join us at our national conference:

6th & 7th November 2014, The Mechanics Institute Manchester
- Latest news from around the country
- Recent survey results
- Ideas on generating extra income
- Launch of a new timebanking publication
- Discover Time and Talents software

Full agenda coming soon.

Opportunities to attend workshops, network and hear presentations from guest speakers. To include hOurworld, David Boyle and Martin Simon.

Bookings now being taken at:


Biographies from guest speakers

David Boyle

DavidBoyleDavid is a writer and co-director of the New Weather Institute. He is one of the two people who brought time banking to the UK in 1997 and was a trustee of Time Banking UK from its inception until 2012. As a fellow of the New Economics Foundation, he has been one of the people developing the concept of co-production in public services. He was the government’s independent reviewer of barriers to public service choice (the Boyle Review). He is the author of The Human Element and Broke and other books.


Martin Simon

MartinSimonis a social innovator, community organiser and writer.He is passionate about participation, mutuality and social justice. He is primarily interested in how people think about and effect social change.

He co-founded Timebanking in the UK and was Chief Executive of Timebanking UK for many years. He is recognised internationally as a pioneer of the co-production of public services and as a leader of a social movement that is now active across 33 countries.

His latest book, “Your Money or Your Life: time for both”, vividly records the story of Timebanking and was the first book to be crowd-funded in the UK. He is a Senior Associate at Nurture Development, the leading UK Consultants and Trainers in Asset Based Community Development and is also Co-Director of ABCD Europe.


Linda Hogan

LindaHoganis a Social Architect and Storyteller who was raised in a large family in a small, rural, college town in New Hampshire where the creation and practice of community currency was a valued norm. Relationships – true social security—are her definition of wealth, and exchanging time with others is her authentic lifestyle

Linda has been a non-profit administrator, community organizer and social architect working in the communities of New Hampshire and Maine for over 30 years. Her stories and skills have been shared around the country at conferences and in living rooms with kindred spirits.

She is a happy founding member of hOurworld, and previously served as both a board member and Executive Director for Hour Exchange Portland and as a consultant to TimeBanksUSA.


Terry Daniels

TerryDanielsCommunity Co-op Developer, combines entrepreneurial leadership skills practiced and honed as owner/operator of several businesses with particular interest and experience in community-based economics.

Community Co-ops allow members to earn and spend time credits through group projects. They create exchange opportunities that normally do not happen in traditional member-to-member exchanges. Community Co-ops can also be a source of funding for the exchange via grants or projects performed in the cash economy.

Terry helped create two community co-ops, Hour Exchange Portland’s Step One Weatherization and Long Island Home Enterprise, a housing renovation cooperative. He loves to see that look in people’s eyes, the shift in thinking and believing, when they are opening to a new possibility – realizing a wealth they never valued by asking for what they need and giving whatever they have. Terry goes through this shift himself and wants to share that with others in hOurworld.


Workshops (more to come)

We have what we need – growing timebanking together (Paxton Green TB, London)
Brief outline: Join our conversation to share ideas on how to coproduce activities within your time bank by and with members, and also how PGTB’s hub model grows timebanking opportunities out from its core.
This will be an interactive session with a few surprises!

Creating A Social Enterprise/ Finding Your “It”.(hOurworld, USA)
Brief outline: This session focuses on the missing ingredient to insure long term sustainability for local time banks– the money piece. Linda and Terry will share examples of social enterprises and cooperatives in which time bank members earn personal Hours while supporting revenue generating programs that return revenue to their time banks. The funding realized is then applied to cover the administrative costs, including the essential Broker positions. Successful ventures include a boutique (thrift store), weatherization program, cooperative farm network and home repair/affordable housing project. Each of these examples engage members, address a local community need and raise both social capital and cash to support their agencies. Plus, all involved have fun participating!

Linda and Terry will share examples of social enterprises and cooperatives in which time bank members earn personal Hours while supporting revenue generating programs that return revenue to their time banks. The funding realized is then applied to cover the administrative costs, including the essential Broker positions. Successful ventures include a boutique (thrift store), weatherization program, cooperative farm network and home repair/affordable housing project. Each of these examples engage members, address a local community need and raise both social capital and cash to support their agencies. Plus, all involved have fun participating!

What initiative might your community want and need to co-create? What are the first steps in this process? hOurworld calls this Finding Your It. All are welcome!

Time and Talents Software – how, why and what? (TBUK and Rushey Green)
Brief outline: This workshop will enable you to see how the Time and Talents software works and why it is so different to Time On Line. Simone Boothe of Rushey Green has been using it to run her network of time bank hubs for 18 months now and loves it! Both Simone and Ian Toplis, TBUK IT Manager will be there to answer your questions and to give you an overview of how it works for both members and administrators. Ian has been transferring data from different software applications like Time On Line, Slithers of Time and Community Weaver applications. Come along and discover TnT!


Biographies from workshop presenters

Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels are time bankers, social architects, storytellers and social enterprise/cooperative developers. They spent over two years criss-crossing the US visiting time banks, cooperatives and transition towns to learn why programs thrived or failed. Strong practitioners in the use of community currency, their field research concluded that the role of the Broker(s) is key to the ongoing growth of membership and the vitality of the organization. And to support that essential position and evolving service menu, funding is necessary.

Ian Toplis
Ian is an information Technology professional with over 25 years’ experience. He spent most of his career within Local Government with posts ranging from simple user support through to building servers and maintaining servers. He moved to the voluntary sector to help out a friend with their maternity leave and, as they say, the rest is history. He gets a great buzz with this job ”more than I ever could within the confines of the local government system” he says. He has also moved on to do more software and web development. These are areas he has wanted to try, so the TBUK arena has given him an opportunity to indulge in things that he enjoys doing.

Suzanne Worrica
Suzanne has been at Paxton Green Time bank since it was first set up in 2008. She coordinates the Time4Southwark (T4S) outreach project, a three year project to increase timebanking opportunities in Southwark through nurturing community timebanking hubs. We also work closely with Adult Social Care Services to involve people using community care services in timebanking. The work is informed and strengthened by a network of time banks and organisations across the borough, actively involved or interested in adopting a timebanking approach.
Prior to working at Paxton Green, Suzanne worked in the mental health field, running service user forums. She integrates an assets-based approach into her other work as a Gestalt therapist.

Paxton Green Time Bank was born in 2008, when two doctors from Paxton Green Health Centre were inspired by Rushey Green Time Bank and the idea of ‘social prescribing’ as laid out in the nef report ‘Keeping the GP away’ (2002). They were successful in receiving start-up funding from the NHS and two interim workers were recruited to kick start the time bank. We now have a full time development manager and two part time brokers, and are a registered charity with a board of trustees. Paxton Green Time Bank now has over 300 members, who come to us as referrals or through word of mouth, and we also work with local organisations to encourage the use of the time banking tool to meet local needs and reduce replication of work. We were recently part funded by Lambeth Council and NHS to grow time banking opportunities in the borough through our Time4Lambeth project, and similarly we are working with Southwark Adult Social Care on our Time4Southwark strand. While still closely linked to the health centre, we now have our office base in a nearby community centre, and follow a positive mental health and community wellbeing remit.

Kemi Adeboye
For over 7 years Kemi has been involved with Paxton Green Time Bank first as an active member providing IT, catering and event management skills, then as a member of the trustee board. Kemi’s currently taking a break from her Citizens Advice Bureau Advisor Training to be the Project Coordinator for Paxton Green Time Bank Partnership project Time4Lambeth, which involves creating Timebanking hubs in the London borough of Lambeth.


You can download the flyer for this event here.

Newsflash August 2014

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As we embark on a sunny summer period Timebanking UK want to wish all member time banks a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season no matter what you may be doing. It is the time for bringing the time bank members together at BBQ’s, picnics and walks to strengthen those social networks too! Sarah Bird, CEO Timebanking UK Kaaren Morris, our new Regional Networks Project Manager has extensive timebanking experience and is already a valuable asset to TBUK. She is establishing new regional networks and also meeting with existing networks to see how we can help support our members and enhance the service already offered. We would love the regions to be more connected and we know you would too. By tailoring training and events to our members and by our members we are strengthening the networks and working in collaboration. Timebanking will be stronger and more resilient than ever before. Already there are dates in the diary for the South West, Midlands and North West – please check the members area for future regional meeting dates. “Thank you to everyone who replied with interest to host a regional meeting. I’ve been in touch with some of you already to plan meetings, and I’m looking forward to working together with all our members to plan a schedule of dates throughout the year.’’ To make contact with Kaaren, email her on Andreas Weide is currently working on IT, websites and design work for Timebanking UK and our members. He is updating our website and involved in numerous projects that we are implementing. Andi is also the broker of the Fair Shares South Cotswolds Time Bank. We would love to see your photos, videos and newsletters to share with other time banks around the country so please send them to to showcase the fantastic work the time banks are doing.
Sarah Bird met with a group of international like-minded people in France who came together to share ideas, suggestions and challenges around their countries using timebanking and community currencies. Those in attendance were from UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Tunisia and Brazil. One of the opening comments was that “The world has a social and economic crisis so we need to change behaviour to build a better world……if you want to plough straight, tie your plough to a star.” Read more here
Introduction to Timebanking This 3 hour session will cover key messages on timebanking, things to consider when starting one within your community/organisation and an opportunity to view our timebanking specific software. FREE for community/voluntary groups, £50 statutory agencies. To book, email: Time and Talents Webinar Dates We now have 27 Timebanks using Time and Talents with several more due to start in the very near future. I will also be adding more training dates to the current ones. The new dates are as follows: If you would like to join one of these webinars, please email Ian Toplis at TBUK are currently getting a new forum underway as a place for BROKERS who are running time banks that are members of TBUK. This will be a confidential space for you to ask advice, ideas or share concerns. Everyone can share documents, photos or films to benefit other time banks across the country. Find out more about how it works here. More success for time banks Time 4 U, Preston & South Ribble and Lee Fair Share, London in achieving the Timebanking Quality Mark. The Trustees of Timebanking UK felt that these were excellent examples of good practice where time banks are being run and developed in accordance with our policies and procedures. Read comments from both time banks here.



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