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Timebanking UK in partnership with hOurworld USA

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Time & Talents’ timebanking software (TnT) is available in the UK and Timebanking UK will now be offering it to all of our member time banks and taking on the sole responsibility for rolling it out across the country under a new and exciting agreement with hOurworld Cooperative¬† (, who created this state of the art software .

The Time & Talents software is a powerful tool for both brokers and members.  It is easy to use and members can post offers and requests, manage their own pages and leave feedback.  There is a reporting feature for easy data collection and most importantly, it will ease administrative duties for  brokers, allowing more time for relationship building and networking.

Timebanking UK are mindful of safeguarding issues and have ensured that this software is flexible and can be customised so that Time Brokers can oversee exchanges if preferred.

Time and Talents is the most widely used software in the USA and is now used by 150 time banks Рand growing.  Stephen Beckett built Time and Talents when he was a member of his local time bank in Maine.  He now heads a team of programmers, including our own Ian Toplis, to insure it continues to meet the ever evolving requirements of its users.

Time Brokers and members are welcome to input into the software design and functionality.¬†We¬†call this “Open¬†Innovation” and¬†will always welcome your ideas!

Ian is already working closely with Stephen to make sure there will be a minimum disruption to service when time banks switch to TnT and that all data will be safely transferred and stored at the time bank and in each member’s account.

We are equally delighted to bring into our extended family the two other members of hOurworld, Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels. Terry specialises in the development of community co-ops, which is a lovely fit with timebanking. Linda was a founding member of the Portland, Maine time bank and has been active in the not-for-profit world for 30 years.

Martin Simon, Founder of TBUK, is familiar with their work and has this to say about the alliance with hOurworld.

“At the last count there were 30 different software programmes available for use by time banks and other reciprocal exchange systems.

Governments, Corporations, Local Authorities, Voluntary and Community Associations and inspired individuals from around the world have built and commissioned their own software. 

A long term ambition must be to bring as many of these software programmes as possible ¬†together to ‚Äú talk‚ÄĚ to each other – so that people in my street can connect with people in your street, whether we are members of a community time bank, a local or global virtual currency, a time credits scheme, LETS or any other system.

The first step towards this ambition, as I see it, is for all that can to come together and co-produce the best tried and tested open innovation software that has been designed by experienced doers and thinkers. I am in no doubt that Time and Talents is that system.”

The Lewisham Local (a Time Bank initiative developed and run by Rushey Green) Time Bank has been using Time and Talents for over a year. Here is what they have to say about their experience

‚ÄúThe Time and Talent software has really helped to make time banking in Lewisham more accessible and interactive. ¬†In the past members had to log all of their hours exchanged with a broker, who would then have to input all of this information into a programme. ¬†Time and Talents is not only very user friendly but also reduces all of this admin time by allowing members to log their own hours. ¬†It also allows them to create message boards and discuss what they would like to do. As well as completing their personal profiles with a photo, a bit about themselves and all of the things they would like to offer and receive. ¬†And as if all of this wasn’t enough, there is also a fantastic smartphone app.

It’s safe to use, hiding addresses and email details and the coordinator can set the email function to their address for anyone with concerns. ¬†The support we have received from the Timer and Talents team in the US has been fantastic and I’ve never waited more than an hour for a response. ¬†Updates have been really useful and the system never crashes and doesn’t get shut down for maintenance like a lot of other sites.

With Time and Talent, members have more opportunity to communicate with each other and more control. ¬†As a broker, I can spend less time doing paper work and data input and more time supporting our members and helping them to get the most out of time banking.‚ÄĚ

Simone Boothe

Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels were in England in mid-December 2013.  They were deeply impressed by the local passion and deep level of involvement they experienced in visits to local time banks and are eager to meet more of us. If your time bank is interested in meeting and hosting a visit from Linda & Terry, or visiting the USA, please contact Sarah.

2014 promises to be yet another exciting year!

Newsflash January 2014

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Timebanking UK would like to announce the following time banks that have been awarded our Quality Mark in recognition of best practice for:

  • Implementation and operational use of our recommended safeguarding procedures
  • Actively using all 3 models of timebanking
  • Having taken part in training and development activities for members and brokers
  • Good governance practices
  • Using coproduction to meaningfully involve members in the running and¬†development of the time bank
  • Having a long term sustainability plan
  • Good monitoring and evaluation practices
  • Having a comprehensive set of policies and procedures

Congratulations to..

Opportunity Knocks Time Bank, Plymouth 

Working to involve and support carers and those with disabilities

St Neots Time Bank, Cambridgeshire 

A community time bank aiming to improve the health and wellbeing of local people

Our Time, Liverpool

A time bank and registered charity working with adults who have mental health issues.

TBUK CEO, Sarah Bird and Trustees said:

‚ÄúThese are excellent examples of time banks with healthy active memberships of¬†individuals and organisations, involving members in the running of the time bank and¬†using all 3 models of timebanking.‚ÄĚ

Quality Mark application forms are now available to download from the members area of the website.

  • Introduction to Timebanking (3 hr session) Charge is ¬£50 per place or ¬£25 for volunteer led¬†and small community groups (refreshments included). Free places may be available at the¬†discretion of TBUK.
  • 2 Day Broker training will remain FREE with TBUK membership but there will now be ¬£100¬†per place refundable deposit (cheques to be posted to TBUK and returned on the day, or¬†kept for no-shows and those who cancel their place with less than 4 working days notice).
  • DBS checks will now be capped at 7 per year for time banks paying ¬£120 membership, 10¬†DBS checks for those paying ¬£240 per annum. Local Area memberships will be negotiable.¬†Further checks may be requested but will be subject to an administration fee as of 1st February, 2014. (Plus the standard DBS of ¬£26 or enhanced ¬£44 for paid workers).
  • TBUK Working Declaration must be completed and signed at the time of joining TBUK, or¬†returned within 1 month in order to benefit from use of software, DBS checking and free¬†training places. This way we can check to ensure the organisation/time bank is operating as¬†a time bank in accordance to our guidelines and those of UK insurance companies.
  • Quality Mark is optional and can be obtained at any time during a time bank‚Äôs membership
This session is essentially about the key messages on timebanking and what things you need to consider before starting up your own time bank within your community or organisation. There will be an opportunity to view our timebanking specific software too.Session Content:This session will include tea/coffee, handouts and essential timebanking information on:

  • What is timebanking?
  • How does it work?
  • Who can benefit and how?
  • What do you need to consider when thinking about setting up a time bank or incorporating timebanking within an organisation?
  • How does organisational timebanking work?
  • An overview of the NEW timebanking software.
There will be plenty of time for questions throughout. Places are limited,When:Monday 27th January 2014. From 2.00pm to 5.00pm.Where:

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO),

Regents Wharf, 8 All Saints Street,

London, N1 9RL

(5-10 min walk from Kings Cross rail and tube stations)


£50 per place (£25 for voluntary and community groups).

To book, please email for an invoice and bank payment details.

Alternatively send a cheque made payable to ‚ÄėTime Banks UK‚Äô to Timebanking UK, The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud, Glos, GL5 1DF.

Places will not be secured until payment has been made.