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Treasurer / Members of the board / Trustees

Treasurer / Members of the board / Trustees 

Timebanking UK are now looking to recruit new members of the board to lead the organisation through its next stage of development ensuring it is effectively governed and managed. We need a Board which has a mix of skills, knowledge and experience to reflect the breadth of Timebanking UK’s interests. Timebanking UK faces challenges and opportunities over the coming months and years and the Board needs to make critical strategic decisions.We require trustees between them to have skills, knowledge and or experience in these key areas:
  • Strategic planning
  • Equal opportunities and diversity
  • Governance in the voluntary sector
  • Understanding of timebanking’s policy and political environment
  • Leadership – organisational and/or time bank based
  • Financial planning (not necessarily finance management skills) and fundraising
  • Understanding of legal duties of charity trustees and company directors
  • Timebanking structures, models, challenges and opportunities
  • Contacts in Central Government and other organisations and bodies which could support the development of timebanking across the UK
If you feel that a position on this new board would be something that you would be interested in then please get in touch as soon as possible, together with a short statement comprising your interest and commitment to the future of Timebanking UK.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Email Sarah at:
Mail to: Timebanking UK The Exchange Brick Row Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1DF
Exciting Opportunity

Exciting Opportunity!

We are currently compiling a ‘bank’ of individuals and time banks that can offer expertise in timebanking best practice in London and surrounding counties in a paid capacity.  If you would like to be considered for this, please email or write to Sarah Bird with the following information:

  1. Your name and time bank name (if applicable) and location
  2. Areas of particular expertise (ie.  working with older people, mental health, volunteer centres, organisational timebanking)
  3. How much time you could offer (a day a month, a day a week)
  4. Type of work you would like (ie. mentoring new time banks, setting up new time banks, giving talks/presentations, providing interactive training workshops, compilation of policies, writing reports/strategy documents)
  5. Your current location and how far you would be willing to travel.

We look forward to hearing from you. Email Sarah at: Mail to:

Timebanking UK The Exchange Brick Row Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1DF

Job opportunities with other time banks

Job opportunities with other time banks

Westminster Carers Service:

Searching for new Trustees

Westminster Carers Service has a track record of improving the lives of carers in Central London. It is an independent charity whose primary aim is to give carers a break from their caring responsibilities from time to time. We currently run the only carers’ time bank service in the country: carers support each other and ‘earn’ credits to spend’ on getting the help they need. They also meet regularly for social and recreational events. Our small team helps support the community of our members: helping with exchanges, organising events and reaching out to find carers who could benefit from our support.

We are in the second year of a five-year grant from the Big Lottery Fund for the provision of the Carers’ Time Bank in Westminster, and we have a healthy level of unrestricted reserves.

We know that the life of a carer can be challenging in many ways, and that often the health or well-being of the carer can suffer without help. Our members include those who care for children with disabilities, elderly or disabled adults, and people with mental illnesses. With a background in running a variety of carers’ services over the last 25 years, we are currently reviewing our strategy with a view to increasing the impact we have in the lives of carers in our community.

As a Trustees board, we have a huge passion and ambition to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for carers. We want to recruit new Trustees (including a new Chair and Treasurer) who share this ambition and want to invest some time in helping us build a positive future for our beneficiaries, and figure out how we, as an organisation, should best do that.

We would like to recruit a Chair with a flair for innovation and ideas about developing new services. The Treasurer will need to have some financial or budgeting experience applicable to a charity with a small turnover. We are also looking for Trustees with general interest in this organisation, ideally some would have experience of fundraising, community engagement, have empathy or experience as a carer and / or Timebanking.

Please contact Caroline Lien and Steve Griffiths at: for more information or to express interest.

Closing date: Friday 26th September 2014. 



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