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Online Training for Time and Talents

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What is Time and Talents?

Time and Talents is a piece of global software used in all corners of the world, with timebanks as far afield as the United States, New Zealand and the Philippines. It is a piece of software that is used to organise, run and monitor a time bank. Its primary function is to record exchanges of hours between members, be they individual or corporate. Members are able to setup, do and record their own exchanges so that bigger timebanks do not have a bottleneck on the broker having to organise everything. This leaves them free to do the rest of the duties involved in running their time bank.

Time and Talents is the latest software offered in conjunction with Timebanking UK. We are the UK representatives for the software and have our own developer involved with the ongoing development. We are also involved in training for the software within the United Kingdom.

Training Webinars

If you start using “Time and Talents” and have registered this with our head office, we have continuous online group training course set up. This training is split into 2 sessions for you to choose – free as part of your membership package with TBUK. Each of these webinars will run for approx. 90 minutes.

Next Dates for Time and Talents Webinars are as follows:

Basic Time and Talents
TnT Web 5: Basic Time and Talents

Date TBC

This webinar will cover everything you need to know to get your time bank up and running, right from the moment your time bank has been set up on the software.

Items covered include:

  • Checking the information on your time bank
  • Setting up your time bank
  • Setting up administrators
  • Transferring of data from other sources
  • How to add members
  • How members can apply to join your time bank
  • Doing exchanges, as a member and as an administrator
Advanced Software Administration
TnT Web 6: Advanced Administrator

Date TBC

This webinar will cover the more advanced aspects of Time and Talents that you are more likely to use once you are familiar with the basics of the software.

We recommend you do not join this webinar until you have a solid understanding of the basics (Either using on a day to day basis, or after attending the Basics Webinar). Items covered include:

  • Reports – using the filters to create advanced sets of reports
  • Designing your TnT home page, with colours and content
  • Customising system notices
  • Membership levels
  • A more in depth look at what all the switches do for customisation
  • A detailed look at using the internal Email editor used by Administrators
  • Linking an administrator account and a member account

Please Note:
Webinars are limited to a maximum of 15 places. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! If you wish to attend please Email and he will send the connection details.

TnT Website practice

At our conference in Stirling this year Ian will be holding a Workshop on creating the web page for Time and Talents.

On the course, members will be able to practice using the new ‘Dummy Web Page Editor’, which can be found HERE.

Members Overview

Time and Talents is one of the pieces of software available through Timebanking UK.

To see a quick overview of the software from the member point of view, please look here:Member Overview

Instructional Shorts

Hello and welcome to a section containing short instructional videos on how to do certain things in Time and Talents.

Part one will be to do with Logging in and accepting members.Part 1a: Accessing TnT

the First 2 videos show how to log in, first as an administrator and then as a standard member:

Admin Login

Member Login
When other people join your timebankPart 1b: How members apply/ Accepting members

Apply to join a timebank

Accepting a member
For timebank members
Part 1c: Members guides

What tthe member buttons do

Viewing the statement


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