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We plan to be spending a lot of our time thinking and working things through with both friendly friends and critical friends! We want to do this because we don’t think that those in power really believe that people can and we want to prove the case.

Our first paper People Can outlines some of our thinking and we are keen to build on this to make our case stronger. We will be doing our best to support the independence of research by helping whereever possible academics to cluster and network and to look with a critical eye at timebanking and coproduction. We will use the best and most informed practice to help shape our thinking.  Working with partners we will challenge some of the traditional modes of working that we think get in the way and help shape international debate.

Current projects

Alongside our thought leadership work we are working with the Bristol University School of Social and Policy studies, in a three year evaluation study of timebanking projects across the UK. The project uses participatory research methods and skills up local timebank coordinators and members in research methods. The study will give us clearer insights into the relationship between certain models of timebanking and wellbeing.

Working with the Charities Evaluation Services, we are in the process of devising a series of tools that will make it easier for timebanking projects to monitor and measure outcomes. We are also exploring new models of outcome commissioning.

We will post the findings of these projects on our blog.




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