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The timebanking world in film

Please find below some videos outlining the Timebanking ideals.


Timebanking in the UK: It’s About Time | Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird – CEO of Timebanking UK – was asked to do a TEDx Talk.

Published on May 18, 2017
Timebanking can transform healthcare, creating mutual support networks in communities by encouraging people to help one another using time as a currency, not money. Timebanking reduces isolation and improves confidence. Sarah also talks about some of the challenges involved in creating and supporting a network including safeguarding procedures and software.

Sarah Bird is the CEO of Timebanking UK (TBUK) and has over 12 years of experience within the time banking field. She originally set up and ran a time bank, before becoming a consultant and project manager within TBUK. Sarah continues to develop partnerships and networks across the country with the vision of co-produced time banking being available in every town and city in the country.

She firmly believes that time banking – a reciprocity-based work trading system in which hours are the currency – brings a wealth of benefits to individuals and neighbourhoods. Sarah delivers talks, presentations and training days across the country alongside the team of indispensable core staff, associate trainers and consultants that are part of Timebanking UK.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Timebanking Cambridgeshire: An Introduction to Timebanking

A short video by Timebanking Cambridgeshire.


Give2Gain Time Bank: What Our Members Say

This video was recorded at a Connect Friday event. Attendees included members from local businesses, local organisations and community groups as well as individual members. Some of the views and experiences, of belonging to the Give2Gain Timebank, have been captured in this video.

Salford Time Bank

A short promotional video outlining the benefits of joining the time bank scheme in Pendleton, Salford. Run by Unlimited Potential and funded by Newground Together and NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group

York Time Bank: Reducing Social Isolation and Increasing Community Cohesion

A film by York Time Bank.


Timebanking in Cambridgeshire

A brand new short film about Timebanking in Cambridgeshire by Alex.


Timebanking UK, Our Conferences and Doing Something Brilliant!

Latest film on Timebanking UK and case studies of time banks, the benefits of timebanking to individuals and communities and a bit of history about where how and who started our organisation. This film was made at our national conference which was held in Stirling, Scotland this year. We are the only membership organisation in the UK that is a Charity supporting the start up and development of community run and led time banks. We provide a wealth of information and support to anyone interested in timebanking.


Time and Talents

Timebanking UK are working in partnership with hOurworld with regard to software. TBUK are now the sole UK distributors of the Time and Talents software, and are working together, both organisations are continuing to develop the software further.


The Collaborative Health Network and Community Currency

The Collaborative Health Network and Community Currency from NRHI on Vimeo.


Timebanking in Essex

A video about timebanking in Essex, provided by CCVS.


Youth Timebanking in Cornwall

A video about youth timebanking in Cornwall.

Timebanking from Made Open on Vimeo.


* We Are Stockport * GIVE 2 GAIN Time Banking

A video about the Give2Gain Timebank,  produced by Viaduct Videos for the website We Are Stockport


How timebanking can help rebuilding community spirit | Valerie Miller

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Change comes only from those who act… Published on 17 Dec 2014


An introduction to the timebank in Southwark – HOurBank, because it’s Ours!


Paxton Green Time Bank

Explaining what timebanking is.

Rushey Green Time Bank


Timebanking Cambridgeshire

A look at the activities that have taken place within the Cambridgeshire Timebanks.


Time Banking and Health

A short film with Rushey Green 3mns into the film.


Timebank launch in Dumfries and Galloway

The concept of Timebanking has recently been launched in Dumfries and Galloway with groups have opened up across the region including Annandale and Eskdale. Annandale TV went along to the launch event last month to hear more about the concept:


Caritas Anchor House: Praise for Volunteers

In this month’s video blog, Director Keith Fernett praises the residents of Caritas Anchor House who are participating in the organisation’s volunteering scheme. Introduced by NUSHO, Caritas Anchor House runs a Time Bank. Through this scheme, residents earn credits for their time spent volunteering, which can then be used as social currency to access other sources of help and support. This gives them incentives to spend their time in meaningful ways, helping to boost confidence and self-esteem and ultimately increasing their job prospects. Over the past year, some residents have volunteered in excess of 1000 hours, both inside and outside of the organisation, and Keith reflects that this is likely a major contributing factor to the high number of residents gaining employment. He also adds that the volunteering work residents have been doing with rough sleepers throughout the borough is having a very positive effect. Seeing Caritas Anchor House residents and hearing their stories means that when the organisation is able to accept rough sleepers into accommodation, they come in with a very positive attitude and are eager to get help.

 Angel & Vilma

The video of Angel & Vilma was filmed at St Luke’s Salon in January 2014. He was a Broadway time banker learning from a professional hairdresser.The video of Paul was filmed at Broadways HQ for the launch event.



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