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It is clear to us that we can help improve access to capital in all of its forms by better using technology. Our first drive is to put our current Time-ON-Line system on drupal so that it can interface better. We will then build on the success of our SHARES prototype and revolutionise how we interface with the world around us in a social market place.


Timebanking comes in many different forms and we are really excited about developing strategic partnerships to explore how it can best be applied. We will be regularly running blogs to tell you of our work.


Timebanking UK has formed a strategic learning alliance with Edgar and Chris Cahn and Timebanks USA. Our intention is to learn as much as we possibly can alongside our members so that we can best support our plans for the future. We will coproduce our learning  activity drawing on the strengths and experience of our members.




Hear about the 'Shares' social marketplace. More info soon!

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