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Our Members

Key to everything we do is our membership. We support our membership to use Time-ON-line so that their job is easier and they can tell their stories better. We help to coordinate regional networks, training, social events and get togethers.

Our Friends

We think a key part to our future success is supporting people and organisations to embed coproduction and timebanking into their everyday work. We provide a lot of help with strategic thinking and planning and regularly help to facilitate dialogues and conversations between people wishing to start on the coproduction and timebanking path. Using Timebanking UK consultancy is a great way to start to develop clear objectives, co-design a future and plan ahead!


We are really keen that people understand what they are getting themselves into and will be spending a lot of our time helping with providing training by our expert trainers. We are particularly interested in lasting system change and coproduction, stronger commissioning and supporting the organisational change that is required if you share our ambition for coproduction and really believing that People Can. We have a range of training options both bespoke and set to help you think through your next steps.

We love to arrange study trips and learning sets so that you can look at real examples of these things in action.


Hear about the 'Shares' social marketplace. More info soon!

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