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Monthly Archive for Feb 2012

New Partnership

We are pleased to announce a partnership working arrangement with Southern Housing Group (SHG).

The Timebanking UK (TBUK)/Southern Housing Group (SHG) partnership will plan, implement and develop time banking in the Portsmouth and Isle of Wight regions co-producing a strategy and operational action plan with SHG staff and residents, with a view to timebanking being rolled out to other SHG housing areas in the South East and London.

This project will be co-produced and led by both Timebanking UK and Southern Housing Group.

From the design of the overall project, the aims and objectives and a plan of action – the implementation of the time banks in the areas agreed, Timebanking UK will provide advice, support, training and resources to enable SHG to use in the long term.

The beneficiaries of this timebanking project will be local people in Portsmouth and Isle of Wight (Ventnor). This project is all inclusive and will involve any resident or member of the local community that shows an interest in getting involved. This could be young people, older people, those with disabilities or those who are vulnerable.

Each time bank will begin have some or all of the following aims.

Increase community cohesion

  • Improve the confidence of local people and their feelings of self worth
  • Reduce isolation
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of local residents
  • Provide training and social opportunities

TBUK staff will work alongside nominated SHG staff in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, as well as community groups, residents and local organisations/potential stakeholders to equip them fully with knowledge and resources on all aspects and models of time banking to ensure that they have all the resources needed to incorporating timebanking into working practices and into communities.

Each time bank will involve local people in its activities and projects with the aim of the members becoming those that own, steer and manage the time bank using co-production as a tool.

Lambeth Shares

Timebanking UK are pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity to work on secondment to The Southside Partnership in Lambeth, working for two years to establish a timebanking marketplace. The postholder will work alongside the existing network of timebanks and timebanking projects in Lambeth, working to support and build on their excellent work, continuing to develop a strong timebanking presence in the borough.

The main purpose of this role is to co-ordinate a programme to support the development of an organisation-to-organisation timebanking network across the London Borough of Lambeth. ‘Lambeth Shares’ will operate as a timebank marketplace, for people groups and organisations to utilise time as a means of exchange to enable sharing, partnering and collaboration.

The role profile is attached below. For those who are interested in applying, please email and we will send you more information about the application process.

Download the role profile

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