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Statement from DWP regarding timebanking

The Department of Work and Pensions have released a statement and notification to all job centres across the UK about the benefits of timebanking. Job centre staff are being given the basic information about how timebanking works and how to locate their nearest time bank by searching on Timebanking UK (TBUK) website So, if time banks wish to be found by Job Centres or the DWP, please register with Timebanking UK to be included on ‘Find Your Nearest’. Call TBUK on 01453 750952 or email

Sarah Bird, CEO is continuing discussions with regional departments of DWP and will update all members of TBUK accordingly. Should any job centres want to know more or explore a closer working relationship with their local time bank, please contact Timebanking UK in the first instance.

You can read the updated statement from May 2016 HERE

Swap your skills at Barnet’s Timebank

PEOPLE can swap their skills as part of a time-banking project.

Barnet’s Timebank sees people spend one hour helping others out – which will in turn see them earn credits to request someone else’s services.

The Barnet scheme has nearly 300 members who have donated 1,000 hours in the year it has been running for.

It works with charities such as Age UK, Barnet MENCAP and Homeless Action Barnet.

People seeking employment are now getting involved in a time-exchange scheme to help them find work.


Doug Coull is involved in the time-exchange scheme for the Barnet Timebank.

He said: “I was offered the opportunity to get involved through the Job centre. I have been unwell recently and so it is important that I get myself back out into society and mix with other people in the community again.

“Every Tuesday there are various drop ins at the different Timebanks around the Barnet area for anyone to turn up and get involved in some way. We just have to sign up for activities that take our interest and then we can meet new people who are also involved.”

“I do bits of DIY and odd jobs around the house for people. I like to mainly help older people who live on their own and have nobody else around them for support.”

“As well as helping people with any jobs that need doing, it is also a great way for us to keep each other company.”

“In return for the hours I spend helping out others, I also get help and support from other people who volunteer for Timebank as well. I’ve had a guitar lesson from one volunteer and am waiting on a foot massage from another!”

“It has been great for helping me gain the confidence to get back into work and interact with members of society again, as there is no pressure.”

“It is filling a gap in society by helping older people and people with mental health issues who perhaps do not feel there is a lot of support elsewhere.”

The Department for Work and Pensions has backed, Timebank, to encourage unemployed people to interact with other members of society.

To get involved in the Barnet Timebank, you can call or email the Project Manager, Lex Karlin: 07887 249910 or

Original article can be found Here