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Praise for Nusho

Posted by on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 | No Comments on Praise for Nusho

Caritas Anchor House: Praise for Volunteers

In this month’s video blog, Director Keith Fernett praises the residents of Caritas Anchor House who are participating in the organisation’s volunteering scheme. Introduced by NUSHO, Caritas Anchor House runs a Time Bank. Through this scheme, residents earn credits for their time spent volunteering, which can then be used as social currency to access other sources of help and support. This gives them incentives to spend their time in meaningful ways, helping to boost confidence and self-esteem and ultimately increasing their job prospects. Over the past year, some residents have volunteered in excess of 1000 hours, both inside and outside of the organisation, and Keith reflects that this is likely a major contributing factor to the high number of residents gaining employment. He also adds that the volunteering work residents have been doing with rough sleepers throughout the borough is having a very positive effect. Seeing Caritas Anchor House residents and hearing their stories means that when the organisation is able to accept rough sleepers into accommodation, they come in with a very positive attitude and are eager to get help.

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