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Our Vision, Mission and Values


Timebanking UK providing advice, training and resources that enables time banks to flourish, engage and involve local people, thereby creating mutual social and practical support networks to make people feel safer, happier and healthier.


  • Share the knowledge and skills of time banks
  • Provide training and opportunities to network to share learning
  • Enable local people and organisations to establish and manage time banks in the UK
  • Encourage research into the impact that time banks have on individuals and communities
  • Promote the belief that time banks create capacity building within communities
  • Recognise and assist the release of assets that every individual has using time as a currency not money


  • People are Assets
    The real wealth of this society is its people where we believe that every person is valuable and has something to offer others in the community.
  • Redefining work
    Time banks are helping to redefine work to include raising healthy children, preserve families, make neighbourhoods safe and vibrant, care for the frail and vulnerable, and redress justice.
  • Reciprocity
    The impulse to give back is universal. Time banking enables people to give givers as well as receivers. ‘You need me’ becomes ‘We need each other’ at a time bank.
  • Social capital
    Timebanking builds mutual social and practical support networks in communities, strengthening social capital.
  • Respect
    Time banks give respect and recognise value in the contribution that every individual can make by giving them time in return.


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