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TBUK strategic partnership with Made Open

Timebanking UK are please to announce a strategic partnership with Made Open to enable the global timebanking movement to grow..

 Timebanking is a time-based currency which facilitates the exchange of skills and experience within a community. Sometimes perceived as the domain of small-scale community initiatives, both Timebanking UK and Made Open are witnessing a surge of interest from large-scale timebanking programmes spanning both place-based and purpose-based communities.

As Robert Woolf, Director of Made Open, explains, “We’ve already seen with our first two timebanking platforms – Torbay Together and Hexitime – how timebanking can be a relevant proposition to both community and professional networks. I think the reason is quite simple – at the heart of timebanking is people adding more and more value to a community or system simply by sharing their skills with one another without any money changing hands. What’s not to like?”

The aim of this partnership is to combine the technical capability of Made Open’s community platform with the international reputation of Timebanking UK as leaders in their field. Timebanking UK provide advice, training and resources that enables timebanks to operate safely and fairly, following industry best practice and in a way that creates networks of mutual support.

Speaking about this partnership, Sarah Bird, CEO of Timebanking UK, says, “Partnering with Made Open brings a wealth of new tech options to existing and new time banks. We have always recognised that each time bank has a unique way of working and are increasingly diversifying in their operations and activities. Combining the expertise and professionalism of both our organisations will enable the timebanking movement to continue to grow across our nation and beyond.”

Having met on several occasions, both organisations quickly recognised that they had enormous potential as collaborators and so began a conversation about ways to build on each other’s strengths.

The aim of the partnership is to further support their combined client base and respond to immediate market needs. Made Open and Timebanking UK envisage that this partnership will grow the global timebanking movement.


  • Sarah Bird, CEO, Timebanking UK
  • Robert Woolf, Director, Made Open

Movement for Good shortlist

Movement for Good Awards

We are so excited to let you know that we are through to the last 15 organisations shortlisted to receive £50,000 from the Movement for Good Fund with Ecclesiastical! Only 10 Organisations will win.

Your nomination really counts. £50,000 could make a real difference to the work we do.

Please act NOW by clicking and ‘Show your Support’

Nominations close on the 13th September – the winners will be announced on the 28th September.

“We believe that every single person in society is of value (no matter what age, ability or background) which is why we know that time banks are changing people’s self perceptions, turning them into givers rather than receivers of services.  Building self esteem, friendships and confidence is the way to reduce the growing loneliness epidemic in this country.  Timebanking UK are the national voice and with the support of our member time banks we can influence policy makers to recognise and support this essential model where thousands of people are helping others in communities, creating mutual support networks and reducing the strain on local services.” 

How we will spend the £50k

The funds will be used to create a timebanking model for GPs to use based on the success of Paxton Green Time Bank (PGTB) in Lambeth, London set up in 2008 within a doctors surgery which is now a thriving network of time banks across 2 London boroughs.  PGTB will be our partners helping us to structure a package that GPs can use to connect local people in communities building networks of mutual support using time as the currency.

PGTB has a focus on people living with depression and have proven that older people who are isolated and lonely felt that timebanking has made a huge difference:

– 76% of people agreed that timebanking lifted their mood

– 67% said it had helped reduce their loneliness

– 71% of those previously reporting depression felt it had improved depression

– 83% agreed it had helped them make new friends.

There are 1.2 million chronically lonely older people in the UK and the NHS 10 year plan urges GPs to use social prescribing as a way to address the social care crisis.  We will use our network of 268 time banks across the UK to showcase this unique model for GPs and hold events, meetings and roadshows to roll it out.

This will reach many hundreds and thousands of people who will all be able to realise their value and worth, reducing the strain on health services, creating stronger and more connected communities.

Timebanking UK will encourage local people to help one another, providing recognition by giving back hours so that they can ask for help themselves.  We will show that everyone can contribute, no matter their circumstances, age or skills, recognising that everyone in society is of value.

Thanks for your support at

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning, so please spread the word.

Thank you! 😊