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New Year update from the London Network

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Welcome to this new electronic newsletter which I hope you enjoy and find useful.¬† This coincides with the launch of the new website and Timebanking UK‚Äôs new thinking about timebanking.¬†You will see that in this newsletter we have introduced a ‚ÄėRequests‚Äô and ‚ÄėOffers‚Äô section for those of you who have time bank members (or Brokers) who have good ideas to bring people together to raise funds or to share resources, incentives and ideas.

We still want to hear individual stories from time banks too, so please send us a few lines with a photo so we can tell everyone about the great things happening across the Capital.

You will also see the latest list of London timebanking borough networks that are now in existence.  The London time bank network wants to assist in the support and development of these networks and new ones across London, so if you would like to set up a meeting with other time banks in your locality, let us know and we can help co-ordinate things.

Timebanking in London is growing rapidly and it would not be as successful as it is without the fantastic relationship between the time banks.  The London network holds regular meetings to encourage Brokers and others to get together to share experiences and to support each other.  We are very lucky to be able to do this and our generous funders City Bridge are to thank for giving us the resources to do so.

 Let me know if you have anything to put into the next newsletter, or if there is anything that you would like to see that is not here.


Sarah Bird

Borough timebanking networks

We have timebanking networks happening in the following boroughs:

  • Camden x¬†8 time banks
  • Islington x 9 time banks
  • Lewisham x 6 time banks
  • Lambeth x 3 time banks
  • Tower Hamlets x 3 time banks
  • Hackney x 4 time banks
  • Westminster x 7 time banks

Although we cover 21 London boroughs, these are the first formal timebanking networks.  Timebanking UK hopes to support the development of other borough networks over the coming months.

To date there are 62 time banks in London and 268 in the country.

Latest views on themes for the London network hub meetings and training topics

At each hub meeting of London time banks we want to hear from you about topics for the meetings and what you want to gain from being part of the network.  Latest suggestions for topics at the meetings are:

  • Getting businesses and organisations to join the time bank
  • Working across the network (inter-time bank working)
  • Sustainabilitiy
  • Involving people with disabilities

Ideas for training:

  • Managing risk and safeguarding
  • Promoting time banking
  • Project management

London time banks see the network as a way of sharing ideas and information, feeling supported and sharing new ways of working. If you have an idea for a theme or training topic then let us know by leaving a comment below.

Timebanking Insurance Update

Zurich branch Tennyson are now offering 5% discount on any timebanking insurance and another 5% to go to Timebanking UK to support timebanking on a national scale.  This will begin in 2012.

Challenge Wales and their 72 foot racing yacht

Challenge Wales met Timebanking UK in Cardiff and expressed an interest in working together.¬† They own a 72 foot round-the-world racing yacht which they hire out for¬†adults and young people aged 12 ‚Äď 25 years to develop personal and social skills such as teambuilding, communication, respect for others, responsibility in a positive can-do environment.

Up to 12 people can take part in this experience at the same time, which is usually made up of 10 young people and two group leaders. Six Challenge Wales crew will be onboard to show you the ropes and give everyone the chance to sail the boat.

Sailing on Challenge Wales is available from 1 day up to 5 days and in some cases longer depending on the requirements of the group. The longer the trip the more opportunities there are to explore islands and in some cases cross the Irish Sea. In June 2012 we are looking at plans to be in London for the first time. Most of the time we are based near Cardiff Bay, South Wales but ports we have sailed from including, Bristol, Swansea, Portishead, Milford Haven, Southampton, Holyhead, Pwllheli and on longer trips we may visit some of these areas.

On longer voyages the group will get involved in cooking for all onboard, including crew and night sailing opportunities sometimes exist on some of our trips.

If you would like to know more about the costs involved, contact Vicky Williams, Challenge Wales, Tel: 029 21 25 10 40 or email

Greetings from Slovokia

Silvia Augustinova contacted us a couple of months ago.  She is an ex-EVS volunteer in Russia, where she heard about timebanking and liked it very much.  She wants to establish a time bank in Slovakia and has asked for help and guidance from Timebanking UK.

If you would like to get in touch with Siliva, please email her on

Happy New Year from one of the Jerusalem Time Banks!

Gideon Broide contacted Timebanking UK in December 2011 with a request to meeting some of the London time banks as he was going to be spending Christmas here.¬†Kaaren Morris of Broadway Time Bank was the first to meet him at the end of December.¬† She put him in touch with a handful of other London time banks and he sent a message to us saying:¬†“I was¬†indeed lucky to have met Kaaren, Peter Roberts and Jonies Hentry. I was sorry not to have met Philippe, who, I understand, is one of the leading figures in London Time Banks. I know now for certain that I have a lot to learn from¬†time banks in the¬†UK.¬† I have a feeling that my next trip to London will be just for meeting Time Banks in action and absorb as much as I can.¬† Thank you all so much and best wishes for 2012!”

Kaaren Morris said:¬†“It was so amazing for me to meet a kindred spirit! Someone who is passionate about setting up time banks in challenging environments!¬†¬†He¬†says time banking is a way of life¬†and he¬†told me about some incredible time banks that are working in the ultra orthodox Jewish community set up by women!¬† For me he is a significant link for developing a time bank in Jaffa (a neighbourhood that is very mixed). I have put him in touch with an Israeli friend who is interested in helping develop a time bank in this area.

The other incredible fact was that his father went to Summer Hill school in the 30s, my neighbour who is an Upper Street Time Bank Member worked at the school in Suffolk for 5 years so I introduced them and they spent a couple of hours talking non stop about the school and it was a joy to see them both enraptured with the history of this amazing school which recognises children’s skills outside the conventional school system. His mother went to a Steiner school in Germany before she moved to Israel and met his father, and therefore he said he is the product of their type of education.”

Time Bank Offers:

Sponsored walk to raise funds

Kirsty Burns of Caledonian Road Time Bank in Islington has suggested a sponsored walk along either the Thames Рor from time bank to time bank (i.e. all around London if practical Рwould need to study a map for a while to check the logistics of this) to raise much needed funds.  Interested?

Get in touch with Kirsty by emailing her on


Kirsty is also happy to film other time banks if a mutually suitable timings can be agreed.¬† She says¬†“Mondays/Wednesdays tend to work best but I may do weekends too. I’d particularly like to work with those in neighbouring areas I can easily reach on foot (maybe I could do the sponsored walk at the same time!).”

Time Bank Requests:

Event opportunities

Kaaren Morris is the Broker of the Broadway time bank who prioritisies the involvement of people who are homeless.  They have a couple of clients who are setting up their own business, one in particular who wants to sell her organic home made face creams at a market stall or christmas fare or anything like that. She had an event booked but it turned out the cost was £30 for the stall and she is unwaged.

We would like to know of any events coming up in London where people can run stalls selling gifts etc or health products that she could set up.  She does demonstrations also.If you can offer an opportunity, please contact Kaaren Morris, New Projects Developer, Broadway on t:020 7428 2182 or email

Training and Meeting Dates for your Diary

All training places MUST be booked in advance with Sarah Bird (

  • 17 January – Broker support meeting at Castlehaven TB, Camden¬†from¬†12 noon to 2pm¬† – bring your lunch!¬†(A¬†chance to share worries and concerns and to help other time bank Brokers who may need some advice.¬† These meetings are held quarterly at different time banks across London to offer a confidential space in which established time bank Brokers can talk to others.)
  • 31 January – Time Bank Broker safety training at Stratford,¬†44, Broadway, Stratford, London, E15 1XH, from¬†10am to 4.30pm¬†with Peter Bates of NDTi¬†(If you are¬†a time bank Broker and would like to know how to deal with difficult situations, then this training is for you.¬† We discuss real scenarios to find out how you can keep a professional boundary¬†between you and¬†your time bank members when sometimes relationships can become a little ‘blurred’.)
  • 8 February – Monitoring and Evaluating your time bank at London Early Years Foundation, Marsham Street,¬†Westminster¬†with Ruth Naughton-Doe of Bristol University¬† (If you want to be able to show the impact your time bank is having on the local community and the time bank members, then this all day training session is for you – exact times will be confirmed.¬† Ruth has delivered several of these timebanking specific training sessions sharing her vast knowledge of research, stats and reports on timebanking)
  • 17 February – Quarterly meeting for all London time banks,¬†Tower Hamlets¬†– this time kindly hosted by Toynbee Hall (Time Tokens)¬†time bank.¬†¬†12 noon to 3pm with lunch provided.¬†

Don’t forget that we want news stories, events and opportunities for the London network of time banks to read about and get involved in, so send us your thoughts and experiences soon!