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St Mary's Community Centre
Bramall Lane
-1.4715024,53.3724355,0 Give2Gain Timebank

-2.2049434,53.4098871,0 Houghton & Wyton Time Bank

-0.182552,52.33146,0 Rural Action Yorkshire
Tower House
-1.1536168,53.9215003,0 Prosper Time Bank
1st Floor, Building 14, Springfield Hospital
-0.167521,51.4360285,0 Timebank Cheshire East
-2.1255809,53.2547343,0 TBUK Head Office
The Old School
-2.213281,51.7468611,0 Millbrook Time Bank
Southampton City Council, The Hinkler Community Centre
-1.334765,50.9090657,0 Action for Children
Kirkfield, Greystone Ave
-3.992437,55.3804469,0 Salford Time Bank
Unlimited potential, Innovation Forum
-2.2744639,53.4929076,0 Chelmsford Volunteering Centre
Burgess Well House
0.0766790,51.5588480,0 Aanchal Women's Aid Time Bank
1 Holstock Road
-0.0812280,51.5508180,0 Mildmay Community Partnership
Woodville Rd
-0.0812280,51.5508180,0 Yorkshire Medium Sized Museums Network
-0.4883007,53.5516161,0 York Time Bank – Fair shares for Acomb & Westfield
York CVS
-1.088275,53.955851,0 York Inclusion Time Bank
York CVS
-1.088275,53.955851,0 Woolwich Plumstead and West Thamesmead
18 Camdale Green
0.0946195,51.4770974,0 Woolston Time Bank
37E Victoria Road
-1.3549759,50.8750974,0 Wigan Plus
5 Standish Gallery
-2.6316384,53.5473448,0 Wickford Time Bank (Basildon BC)

Whitleigh Time Bank (Plymouth City Council)
The Zebra Collective
-4.1762787,50.3689834,0 Westminster Carers Time Bank
West End House
-0.166787,51.519678,0 West Euston Time Bank
H Pod
-0.1418185,51.52933,0 West End Time Bank
14 Old Crompton St
-0.1319308,51.5169432,0 West Edinburgh Time Bank
c/o Wester Hailes Health Agency
-3.2705765,55.9210725,0 Wealth of Time – Miles Platting
Adactus Housing Association
-2.214864,53.4923825,0 Watford Together
Watford CVS, Holywell Community Centre
-0.4163351,51.6421166,0 Warrington Time Bank
Warrington Voluntary Action
-2.5988934,53.3883163,0 Volunteer Now, Enniskillen Timebank
Fermanagh House
-7.6429082,54.3446356,0 Volunteer Now
129 Ormeau Road
-5.9187221,54.5775186,0 Volunteer Centre Stirling Timebank
15 Friars Street
-3.938087,56.1193003,0 Ventnor Time Bank
Coastal Centre, Salisbury Gardens
-1.2026659,50.5940213,0 University of Brighton Time Bank
Student Services
-0.1156324,50.8470462,0 United In Time, Ashfield/Mansfielf Time Bank (Notts C.C)
Mansfield CVS, Community House
-1.2024547,53.1469894,0 Ucare
Newry & Mourne Carers
-6.3429484,54.1780542,0 Trafford Time Bank
United Response
-2.2901922,53.456503,0 TorrAGE
22 Cornmarket Street
-4.1423673,50.9519813,0 TimeTree NorthEast Dundee TimeBank
101 Whitfield Drive
-2.9267001,56.4884934,0 Timebanking Kirklees
Voluntary Action Kirklees
-1.780351,53.6480075,0 Timebank Hull and East Riding (LA)
181 Victoria Avenue
-0.3672732,53.7593237,0 Time4U Preston and South Ribble
Help Direct
-2.6995166,53.7570882,0 Time to Spare – Why not Share – Calderdale Self Advocacy Network
Cloverleaf Advocacy
-1.8688692,53.7245091,0 Time for Real
18 Caldmore Green
-1.9824703,52.5765663,0 Time for Change Lochgilphead (Argyll & Bute Time Banking Network)
Office 1
-5.50928,56.0483,0 Time Banking Perthshire – This for That
Voluntary Action Perthshire
-3.4349166,56.3984917,0 Time Banking in Tameside
95-97 Penny Meadow
-2.0910767,53.4897962,0 Time Bank Uttlesford
CVS Uttlesford
0.359777,51.872914,0 Time Bank Plus
86 High Street
-2.3924636,51.3800453,0 Time Bank Lambeth South Central
36 Beale House
-0.1190638,51.4677896,0 Time Bank Bury
-2.2871477,53.5898353,0 Time 4 Sedgemoor
2-3 Grenville House
-2.9848181,51.2392887,0 Time 2 Trade
382 High Street
-2.0003899,52.5222104,0 Time 2 Give West End Dundee Timebank
Blackness Library
-2.996006,56.456767,0 Timber Wharf Timebank
Headway East London, Bradbury House, Timber Wharf – Block B
-0.0767039,51.5356454,0 Thera Trust
The West House
-0.65981,52.91683,0 The Time Exchange
235 Stanton Street
-1.6374968,54.9776852,0 The Roby Timebank
The Roby
-2.2059329,53.4552193,0 The Harvey Central Timebank (Big society co-op)
Shepway Volunteer Centre, United Reformed Church
1.1715678,51.0818488,0 The Grapevine Timebank Rushden
Ashgrove House
-0.6033029,52.2944671,0 The Grapevine Timebank Corby
Signpost Information
-0.7005262,52.4874829,0 The Engine House
The Engine House
-3.3486805,51.7614422,0 Tendring Time Bank
Colchester Community Voluntary Services
1.1879625,51.8054028,0 Teeside Creative Time Bank
Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough Railway Station
-1.2349344,54.5790699,0 Take Time to Make Time Northampton
Countywide Lead Well-Being and Primary Care
-0.8830883,52.2719914,0 Sustainable Carlisle
English Street
-2.9344671,54.8926838,0 Stonehouse (Plymouth C.C)
Zebra Collective, Devonport Guildhall
-4.1543592,50.3706329,0 Stockport Community Timebank
23 High Street
-2.1565618,53.4100668,0 Stepney Share, timebanking in Stepney Green, London E1
London E1
-0.046647,51.5192057,0 Stanley Development Trust
Alma Cottage
-3.4518281,56.4817579,0 St Neots TimeBank
St Neots TimeBank
-0.268139,52.2231683,0 St Mary's Community Centre
Bramall Lane
-1.4717771,53.3690574,0 St Luke's Time Bank
St Luke's Centre
-0.09313,51.52511,0 St Ives Time Bank
5 Pig Lane
-0.0717369,52.3311142,0 St Annes Community Project
42 Commonside
-2.990129,53.7432535,0 South Westminster Time Bank
The Abbey Centre
-0.1288772,51.4929744,0 South West Lambeth Time Bank (Riverside ECHG)
46 Acre Lane
-0.1204389,51.4603133,0 Sophia Hubs
St. John's Church Centre, St. John's Road
0.0938987,51.5709702,0 Somersham Time Bank
Somersham Parish Council
0.0002463,52.3820231,0 Social Exchange (Big Society Co-op)
Thanet Community Development Trust
1.4248133,51.3405011,0 Skills Exchange
Partnership Council
-1.166045,52.9608314,0 Shrubbery Rewards Exchange
The Neighbourhoods Team, Victoria Rooke
-2.9769051,51.3464416,0 Selsey Time Bank
c/o Selsey Town Council
-0.7985944,50.730354,0 Saltash Gateway Comminity Interest Company
c/o For Saltash
-4.2095898,50.4115643,0 Salford Creative
Peel Park
-2.2717917,53.4851566,0 Safer Communities Time Bank
Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service
-2.1421604,52.8752779,0 S2R Timebanking
-1.7820598,53.6481275,0 Rushey Green Time Bank
Rushey Green Time Bank The Rushey Green Group Practice
-0.018045,51.4493194,0 Royston Time Bank
NHCVS Unit 30. Campus 5
-0.2043077,51.9824708,0 Roxeth Time Bank
Christ Church Vicarage
-0.3434292,51.568526,0 Riverlution
Phoenix House
-1.5734462,53.766426,0 Richmond Youth Service
42 York Street
-0.327479,51.4472438,0 Refugee Action Kingston
Siddeley House
-0.2985971,51.4129911,0 Reading Time Banks (Circles Network / Reading BC)
Highbridge House, 3rd Floor
-0.969094,51.454561,0 Portsea Timebank (Southern Housing Group)
John Pounds Centre
-1.1070886,50.798694,0 Penhill and Taw Hill Time bank (Swindon BC)
Volunteer Centre Swindon
-1.7859718,51.5626033,0 Paxton Green
Kingswood House, Seely Drive
-0.0860945,51.4302976,0 Parnwell Skills Exchange Scheme
c/o Parwell Community House
-0.2071055,52.5950585,0 Park Wood A Credit For You
7 Hazelwood House
0.4912088,51.2761699,0 Oxford Time Bank – Cowley
Ark T Centre
-1.2390645,51.7483161,0 Oxford Road Time Bank – Reading
Highbridge House
-0.969094,51.454561,0 OUR TIME
Walton Cornerstone
-2.9696453,53.4468608,0 Origin Time Bank Camden
Origin Housing
-0.1341495,51.530719,0 Opportunity Knocks
Colebrook (SW) Ltd, Unit 37 HQ Building
-4.1300879,50.3763239,0 Open – i
-7.3141362,54.5943618,0 OmaghTimeBank
Viv Brady
-7.3141362,54.5943618,0 Ocean Time Bank
Community House, 36 Furse Park
-4.1915641,50.394897,0 Oban & Lorn Time Bank (Argyll & Bute Time Banking Network)
Argyll Voluntary Action
-5.4720989,56.4112418,0 Oaks Time Bank
Oak House
-2.8019615,53.5497229,0 Oakley Neighbourhood Project
Oakley Community Resource Centre
-2.0528776,51.9055575,0 Oakfield
United Response
-2.9575045,53.4272282,0 Nusho Stratford Time Bank
Floor 5 Berkeley House
0.0009451,51.5409292,0 Northfield Town Centre Partnership
693 Bristol Road South
-1.9663259,52.4185604,0 PLY2
The Zebra Collective
-4.1762787,50.3689834,0 North Paddington Timebank
Harrow Road Partnership
-0.2057513,51.5258381,0 North Lambeth Time Bank
Lilian Baylis Old School
-0.1146133,51.4923322,0 North Herts Timebank
North Herts CVS
-0.2043077,51.9824708,0 North Edinburgh Time Bank
c/o North Edinburgh Arts
-3.3022239,55.9562172,0 North and West Time Bank
10 Brickfield Court
-7.3347457,54.9969383,0 Newtownstewart Time Trade
23 Main Street
-7.3775672,54.7178623,0 Newsome Ward Time Banking
C/O United Response
-1.7831842,53.6471678,0 Neighbourcare Time Bank
40 Buttermere Court
-0.2090601,51.4569306,0 NCOMPASS Time Exchange
Errigal House
-3.0350156,53.7771401,0 MORetime
Temple of Truth
-0.0333538,51.5926229,0 Midhurst Time Bank

-0.7742215,50.8337265,0 Middlewich Vision
Victoria Building
-2.436383,53.1967329,0 Mid Sussex Time Bank
The Old Post Office Resource Centre,
-0.1395885,50.9532465,0 Marylebone Project Time Bank
Church Army Marylebone Project
-0.1657331,51.5215233,0 March East Time Bank
Fenland Hall
0.0899847,52.5578333,0 Maidstone Time Swap (Big Society)
22a Mill Street
0.5208862,51.272316,0 Love Barrow Families
Ramsden Infant School
-3.2236742,54.1157247,0 London Metropolitan University
North Campus
-0.1107208,51.5516062,0 Lockerbie Time Bank (Dumfries & Galloway)
72-74 High Street
11.3843913,49.8543533,0 Liverpool Primary Care Trust (Local Area Partner)
151 Dale Street
-2.9790806,53.40148,0 Littleport Timebank
CHS Group, Endurance House
0.1087062,52.2447757,0 Lighthouse Centre
105 Cavehill Road
11.3843913,49.8543533,0 Lifeline Project Ltd.
7 Lune Street
11.3843913,49.8543533,0 Levy Timebank
6 Victoria Avenue
-2.1939228,53.4416515,0 Leith Time Bank
Pilmeny Development Project
-3.1767923,55.9634544,0 Leicestershire County Council's Time Bank
County Hall
-1.1892181,52.6552079,0 Leeds Creative Time Bank
10 Newton Grove
-1.5302867,53.818027,0 Leeds Community Timebank
Moorlands Farm
-1.627167,53.8911872,0 Lee Fair Share
Lee Green Community Centre
0.0126039,51.4557216,0 Leaps 4 ward
YMCA Earls Court
Ladybarn Community Time Bank
Southway Housing Trust
-2.2242013,53.4109745,0 Kingstanding Timebank
Birmingham Community Navigator Service, Turning Point
-1.9255195,52.4750035,0 Jigsaw
12 Fiveways Court
-2.4816324,50.6087912,0 Isle of Sheppey Academy
13 Jetty Road
0.9087398,51.4075838,0 Islay and Jura Timebank
IJCVS, First Floor, Custom House
-6.2875631,55.7566846,0 iShare in the Holme Valley
69b Woodhead Road
-1.8000098,53.5661162,0 Inclusion North Skills Bank
Technorth Unit 2
-1.5344612,53.8251078,0 HOurBank, Peckham
-0.0683496,51.4741066,0 Hour Time
Jubilee Cottage
-4.4454982,54.8693828,0 Hour share
c/o Vol action kirklees
-1.780351,53.6480075,0 Horncastle Time Bank
8 High Street
-0.1153183,53.2088408,0 Hollinwood Timebank
62 First Avenue
-2.1278822,53.5192304,0 HMP Risley
Warrington Road
-2.5273383,53.4267958,0 HMP & YOI Cornton Vale
Cornton Road
-3.9435953,56.1388336,0 HM Prisons SHOTTS
Canthill Road
-3.8291683,55.8280673,0 Help Direct East Lancashire
Calico Enterprise
-2.2429374,53.7883646,0 Healthy Living Centre Dartford (Big Society)
St Edmunds Church Living Well
0.2290763,51.4532323,0 Havering Mind
Harrow Lodge House
0.2024223,51.555517,0 Harlow Volunteer Centre Timebank (CCVS)
3 Wych Elm
0.08994,51.7722496,0 Haringey Time Bank
Winkfield Resource Centre
-0.10986,51.59748,0 Hand in Hand for Sherwood (Big Society)
48 Rankine Road
0.2821351,51.1496604,0 Hackney Homes Time Bank
65 Dunloe Street
-0.0745432,51.5317496,0 Greater Govan Time Bank
The Orkney Street Enterprise Centre
-4.3085778,55.8611909,0 Grampian Opportunities
1 High Street
-2.3733834,57.2826399,0 Glossopdale Time Co-Op
Volunteer Centre Glossop
-1.948202,53.4431644,0 Give and Take Time (Northill Parish)
Voluntary and Community Action
-0.6620651,51.9176098,0 Give and Gain
The Volunteer Centre, The Pastoral Centre
-0.9802268,50.8592874,0 Georgina Craig Associates (GCA) Ltd
51 Harlech Road
-0.4035631,51.7032961,0 Freemantle Time Bank
Freemantle Community Centre
-1.3992531,50.9057283,0 Freedom Club Timebank
Fields Childrens Centre
0.1608616,52.2081163,0 Forest Time Bank
Time Square level 2
-0.7530458,51.4139677,0 Foresight
60 Newmarket Street
-0.0736308,53.5699278,0 Feeny Gortnaghey Time Bank
Feeny Village Centre
-7.0987697,54.9099867,0 Favour for Favour (St Budeaux)
William Sutton Memorial Hall
-4.1835533,50.4045908,0 Favors for Friends
c/o Volunteer Now
-5.9354272,54.5896225,0 Fauldhouse Community Development Trust
Fauldhouse CDT
-3.7083965,55.8274948,0 Family Mosaic – Hackney Exchange Time Bank
Albion House
-0.0754885,51.5018943,0 Fair Shares Stroud, Stonehouse, Dursley and beyond
The Exchange
-2.213281,51.7468611,0 Stratford upon Avon Time Bank
Orbit Housing Association
-1.7113623,52.1936144,0 Fair Shares South Cotswolds in Cirencester
Bingham House
-1.9653409,51.7167999,0 Fair Shares North Cotswolds
Moreton Area Centre
-1.7028982,51.9903254,0 Fair Shares Newent and Forest of Dean
The Chill Out Zone
-2.406481,51.9309814,0 Fair Shares Gloucester
City Works
-2.2305204,51.8581733,0 Fair Shares Cheltenham
City Works
-2.2305204,51.8581733,0 Fair Share Tewkesbury
Council Offices
-2.1646771,51.9868078,0 Expert Well Being Time Bank
32 York Drive
-1.2337812,52.9806249,0 Exchange Time
Moseley Exchange
-1.8892868,52.4459196,0 Epping Forest Timebank (CCVS)
Homefield House
0.0961389,51.6694716,0 Enfield Time Bank (CBEN)
The ArtZone
-0.0581652,51.6242489,0 Efford Time Bank
The Zebra Collective
-4.1762787,50.3689834,0 Eden Time Bank Association
Kirkby Stephen Community Links Centre
-2.3478768,54.474212,0 Eco Stars
7 Leithcote Gardens
-0.1232122,51.4302629,0 Eco Libraries
Pepys Resource Centre
-0.0306939,51.4898199,0 East Cleveland Villages Time Bank
31 Primrose Hill
East Cleavland Villages Time Bank
31 Primrose Hill
-0.9008112,54.5671324,0 Durham Exchange
6 Grays Terrace
-1.5909538,54.7765085,0 Dunoon Time Bank (Argyll & Bute Time Banking Network)
Argyll & Bute Volunteer Centre
-4.9317392,55.9530426,0 Dumfries Timebank (Dumfries and Galloway)
Third Sector First
-3.6098764,55.0685896,0 Dover District Volunteer Centre (Big Society)
26 Victoria Road
1.4027706,51.2209883,0 Depression Alliance – Croydon
Depression Alliance
-0.0878449,51.375126,0 Depression Alliance
Primary Care Psychological Health
-0.1807346,51.4836378,0 Deeds for Needs
The Gateway
-3.436102,56.383929,0 Daventry District Timebank
c/o Daventry Volunteer Centre
-1.16209,52.2586298,0 Dartford Exchange (Big Society)
St Edmunds Church Living Well
0.2299617,51.4528133,0 Cymryd Rhan
Wellfield House
-3.3785544,52.2381841,0 Creative Support – Scunthorpe
Haldenby House, Unit 2/5, Berkeley Business Centre
-0.6858646,53.5895104,0 Coventry Time Bank
126 Pearson Avenue
-1.4774376,52.4416624,0 Cornwall Time Bank Truro
Volunteer Cornwall
-4.7921994,50.3378639,0 Cornwall Time Bank St Austell
White River Place Car Park
-4.764785,50.350344,0 Cornwall Time Bank Newquay
Volunteer Cornwall
-4.7921994,50.3378639,0 Cornwall Time Bank Liskeard
Volunteer Cornwall
-4.4626787,50.4543038,0 Cornwall Time Bank Hayle
Volunteer Cornwall
-5.41057,50.184867,0 Cornwall Time Bank East Pool Neighbourhood
West Cornwall Volunteer Centre
-5.2313881,50.2324696,0 Cornwall Time Bank Bodmin
Shop B
-4.715114,50.46863,0 Community Volunteers Time Bank (CVTB)
Age UK Bromley & Greenwich
0.0165631,51.4067327,0 Community TIME Camden
Abbey Community Centre
-0.1887037,51.5394784,0 Holywood Community Connections
95b Abbey Ring
-5.843303,54.6329178,0 Colchester Time Bank
Colchester Community Voluntary Services
0.905162,51.8901677,0 Cocomo Caister Skills Swap
100 Winifred Way
1.7273056,52.6631495,0 Cloughmills Time Bank
5 Kilwee Gardens
-6.2927092,55.0310966,0 Chichester Time Bank
Voluntary and Community Action Chichester District
-0.7783277,50.8390844,0 Chesterfield Time Bank
Parish Centre
-1.4244339,53.2354372,0 Chesham House
Adur Voluntary Action
-0.3236805,50.8238162,0 Cheltenham West Time Bank
Hesterway Community Resource Centre
-2.1169697,51.9020009,0 Chamberlain Forum
Keys Court
-1.8860883,52.4710616,0 Castlemilk Time Bank
121 Castlemilk Drive
-4.2313345,55.8053843,0 Castlehaven Youth
Castlehaven Community Association
-0.0974694,51.5390594,0 Castlehaven Time Bank
Castlehaven Community Association
-0.145208,51.5427734,0 Carrick Credits Club
42 Beltoy Road
-5.7702419,54.7356487,0 Campbeltown (Argyll & Bute Banking Network)
Argyll Voluntary Action
-5.6057148,55.4242755,0 Cambourne Timebank
CHS Group
0.1087062,52.2447757,0 Bute Time Bank (Argyll & Bute Time Banking Network)
Bute Healthy Living Initiative
-5.0628586,55.8373188,0 CommUNITY Timebank/CommUNITY Barnet
Volunteer Centre Barnet,Community Barnet
-0.1751536,51.6294259,0 Broxtowe / Gedling / Rushcliffe Time Bank (Nottingham C C)
c/o Middle Street Resource
-1.2111866,52.9262783,0 Broomhill and North Sighthill
79/89 Broomhouse Crescent
-3.2776664,55.9285097,0 Bromley by Bow Time Bank
Bromley by Bow Centre
-0.0192485,51.5283206,0 Broadway
1-4 Creed Court
-0.1446033,51.5399133,0 Bridge Communities
63c Gold Street
-0.9006321,52.236709,0 Brick Lane Time Bank
180B Lower Clapton Road
-0.0552863,51.5570722,0 Brent Mind
Hampton House
-0.2041796,51.5437989,0 Boomerang!
West Kent Extra
0.1898799,51.2725376,0 Bolton Time Bank
Time2 Communities CIC
-2.4263713,53.5769055,0 Bolnore Time Bank
2 Cherry Place
-0.1143143,50.9874023,0 Blaegnarw Time Centre
Creation Development Trust
-3.5906893,51.6262874,0 Blackheath and Greenwich Time Bank
30b Kidbrooke Park Road
0.0222116,51.4724807,0 Bexley Time Bank
46 Stansted Crescent
0.1240812,51.4380563,0 Becontree Heath Volunteer Bureau Timebank
Barking Dagenham Volunteer Bureau
0.0826873,51.5356305,0 Beacon Heath
Exeter Community Initiatives
-3.5254031,50.7292388,0 Bassetlaw / Newark / Sherwood Time Bank (Nottingham C C)
c/o Worksop Community Resource
-1.1095868,53.2952185,0 Barnet Timebanking Network
-0.1529454,51.6251669,0 Barmouth Time Bank
Barmouth Communities First
-4.0563335,52.7226687,0 Barking Timebank
RAMFEL Cardinal Heenan Centre
0.0833874,51.5607437,0 Ash-worth Time Bank
1st floor, Community Shop
-2.7414133,53.2165198,0 Argyll and Bute Timebanks
Argyll Voluntary Action
-4.7374149,56.0058651,0 Anchorsholme Time Bank
48 East Pines Drive
-3.0047893,53.8652512,0 Blair and Rattray Time Bank
-3.4349166,56.3984917,0 Adisham and Bekesbourne Timebank (Big Society Co-op)
126 The Street
1.1872093,51.2389481,0 About Time
131 Milehouse Road
-4.1644469,50.3822822,0 Volunteer Centre (Central Bedfordshire)
Voluntary and Community Action


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