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Timebanking UK has over fifteen years of experience of working with time banks, from inception through to evaluation. During this period, our understanding of timebanking as a key mechanism for organising the co-production of public services has grown thanks to the great diversity in our members of over 300 time banks. We bring access to the learning from these sites, many of which are co-production pioneers. Likewise, with over 25,000 users of our time banks we have access to the insight and understanding of service users who have been enlisted as partners in co-produced delivery.

Time Bank Broker Training
Broker training

Attendance to the Broker training is:
• FREE for Timebanking UK members, 2 people per time bank will be able to attend this training as part of your membership – lunch will be included too! (please ensure that your membership is paid up to date)
• OR £50 per person per day for non-members

A charge of £50 will be issued if:
• the person booked does not attend.
• the place is cancelled less than 5 working days prior to the event.

Time Online 2 Webinars
Time Online 2 Webinars

We are now running Time Online 2 Webinars for our members. We are breaking them down into one hour ‘episodes’ Each one covering a certain aspect of the Software.

We currently have 6 Webinars but, if they prove successful, we will be adding more later. The Webinars we currently have are as follows:

13/06/2019 – 11.00 Hrs
Member profiles, Messages and Settings
To include Members profiles, what they consist of and how to modify them. Sending of messages using the internal messaging system and member settings and what they do

24/06/2019 – 13.00 Hrs
Using Smart lists, Filtering and Sorting
Using the internal smart list system for pulling up the information you need using filters and sorting functions provided. Exporting your lists to a spreadsheet, or creating a data file for transfer

18/07/2019 – 14.00 Hrs
Settings for the time bank and service lists
Setting up your time bank using the different settings options, including Contact Emails and how the time bank will run. Also selecting which services you want your time bank to use.

01/08/2019 – 11:00 Hrs
Setting up web pages for both public and members
This will outline the basics of how to set up and edit a time banks own web pages on the software.
It will cover how to select what to put on the page, how to put a time banks own information on the system, and how to modify pages before making them ‘live’.

14/08/2019 – 13.00 Hrs
Brokers and Exchanges
This will cover how brokers manage exchanges.
The main points are creating exchanges, creating group exchanges, setting them up on behalf of a member.

26/08/2019 – 11.00 Hrs
Covering Using standard reports and also creating your own reports using smart lists and/or Excel

Other dates will be posted here soon
If you are interested in attending one of our training programmes, or would like more information, then please click here to register interest with us.

Training Days

Timebanking UK offer training days, inspirational and informative talks, on-site support and interactive workshops on a range of topics.
These are included in your Local Area Membership with Timebanking UK.
They are on offer at a discounted rate for existing members, but can also be purchased by any organisation that is interested in exploring and developing their timebanking concept.



Charges will apply when delivering these training sessions on site UNLESS this is part of a Local Area Membership.
If not, individual time banks that have standard membership will receive a discounted rate.
Costs are between £400 and £800 for a full day’s workshop.

If you are interested in booking one of these new training programmes, or would like more information, then please click here to register interest with us.


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