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Time Online 2 – Unleashed!

Time Online 2 Logo

We are happy to announce that Time Online 2 has been released into the wild!

Time Online 2 is a piece of time banking software that we have commissioned to help brokers with the day to day running of their time banks.

TOL2 front page image

As well as all the normal functions one would expect from time banking software this one offers several extra functions, some of the main ones being:

  • A ‘preview’ page so members of the public can see the types of exchanges being offered and requested – to encourage them to join the time bank.
  • Unique public facing page so time banks can display information relevant to them and the local area. Fully editable by the time bank.
  • Internal messaging system so members and brokers can keep track of communications.
  • A choice of 2 different styles when viewing offers and request
  • The ability to manage more than one time bank
  • A Facility for time bank networks to have their own network page

Offers and Requests

Although out in the ‘real world’ we will be continuing to develop and upgrade the system as we get feedback from people using it.

There is an app version available (search for TimeOnline2).

Time banks can sign up to use the system by contacting us on the following Email address:

We are transferring members from various other platforms so the member base is growing all the time!

You can go to the software by clicking HERE

Visit the Demo Page HERE


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