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Timebanking on the BBC

Posted by on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 | Comments Off on Timebanking on the BBC

BBC World Service

The BBC World Service have recorded a great article explaining timebanking – and with the help of one of our member time banks (St Neots Time Bank) in Cambridgeshire. Here’s the finished radio / podcast. If you want to start up your own time bank remember we can give you all the resources you need including the software!!

Around the world, thousands of people are using a special kind of bank. Instead of using it to save and spend money, they’re using it to save and spend time.

Based on the idea that everyone’s time is worth the same, time bankers exchange lawn mowing for childcare, and dog walking for graphic design.

World Hacks reporter Tom Colls enters the time economy and looks at the projects trying to upgrade time banking for the digital age.

Presenter: Nick Holland
Reporter: Tom Colls

You can hear the podcast HERE


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