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TBUK supports C4PC relaunch

Posted by on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 | Comments Off on TBUK supports C4PC relaunch

Timebanking UK supports the relaunch of the Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC).

C4PC, previously known as the Coalition for Collaborative Care, is the single largest group of organisations and individuals which comes together with the goal of achieving personalised care for everyone.

We’re pleased to be a part of this influential network which spans voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, royal colleges, academic bodies, improvement organisations, health and care practitioners, and people with experience of accessing health and social care services.

As part of C4PC, TBUK is able to share our knowledge and expertise and shape change at the highest level, which is of particular importance to our members as we continue to strive to help people become better connected, happier and healthier through timebanking. C4PC has a strong strategic relationship with NHS England and NHS Improvement and the Personalised Care Group, which ensures that the voice of those we represent is present in decision-making across the NHS and more broadly with practitioners and policy makers.

TBUK CEO Sarah Bird says, ‚ÄúPersonalised care is very important from our perspective because, at Timebanking UK, we know that if we all recognise that people have ideas and solutions to share, they feel more engaged, happier and healthier. We’re excited to be part of this wider network because we believe that together, we can make personalised care a reality for everyone.

Kim Ryley, C4PC co-chair says, “Personalised care is important because it means that people will have a greater voice and more active part in how their health and care needs are met. They can expect an integrated and holistic approach from all those involved in this.

“The re-launch of C4PC marks a step-change in the way we will organise ourselves and work in the future, which we hope will offer the greatest potential to effect change.

‚ÄúThe power of the network is in its collective knowledge and expertise which we hope to share in very practical ways over the course of the next few years, as we pursue our vision with renewed energy.‚ÄĚ

C4PC co-chair Heidi Wright (pictured below) adds, “The NHS Long Term Plan embraces the concept of personalised care and we know we need to get to a place where professionals and the people receiving care are equal partners and make informed decisions based on what matters to the person.

‚ÄúI’m a pharmacist by background and currently work for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. As an organisation, we’ve been a partner of the Coalition for several years and I’ve learnt a lot by attending partner meetings and listening to people share their experiences. It’s made me take a whole different perspective on how we develop and provide care.

‚ÄúThe breadth of the experience of individuals and organisation involved as partners of the coalition provides a unique opportunity for collaboration across health and social care which is centred around the person. The relaunch of the coalition will enable new ways of working with other organisations to mutual benefit, ultimately to improve care for individuals.‚ÄĚ

For more information about the Coalition for Personalised Care visit:


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