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Physical health

Physical health problems range from feeling unwell to life limiting long term illness. There is an increasing awareness that health prevention is the key to maintaining physical health, for example through maintaining a healthy lifestyle through good diet and regular exercise.

Time banking can support people to be healthy by providing them with opportunities to become active in their communities, take exercise classes, engage with health promotion actives such as healthy eating courses, and access support to meet personal goals. It can also impact on mental health through  encouraging social interactions and developing  communities, which in turn boosts physical health.

Whilst there have been no large scale research studies linking time banking to health, there are  several  of studies which suggest benefits.

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Time banks have been shown to enhance social capital, and there is some evidence for improved health. This article, based on a survey of 160 members of a hospital-affiliated time bank, examines the likelihood and predictors of improvement in physical and mental health as a result of membership.

College of Medicine and Integrated Health – Time banks link people locally to share their time and skills to improve their health and wellbeing.



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