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Younger People

Young people are not often talked about for good reasons, with few positive stories being reported in the press, and instead a focus on delinquency.  There is a recognition that young people need to be engaged in their communities and public services, and provided with more opportunities to develop  both inside and outside of school.

Time banking projects aim to encourage young people to become active citizens, improve educational attainment, and prevent crime through restorative justice. There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence which suggests time banks can be empowering for young people.

There is both research theory and evidence which suggests time banks have been beneficial for young people.

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‘Time Banking Helps Build Individuals, Organizations And Communities’ – In Chicago, 127 schools nearly eliminated special ed by having fifth graders help the third graders learn the alphabet. The kids earned credits that allowed them to receive a recycled computer from the system. Click here to find out more!

‘Co-producing the school? A case study of youth participation in time banking’ – a study that explores the extent to which time banking can be used as a mechanism for facilitating co-productive relationships between young people, community members and the school.



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